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Indepndent transfer platform (Concept)

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People who need equipment to assist in transferring between seated positions are currently limited by a range of devices that cater for the two polar extremes of ability - leaving those who fall in the middle of the ability scale and could transfer themselves (if enabled) being reliant upon carer assisted transfers. This can lead to a loss of dignity, control and independence.

The A2 concept is a semi-automated and interactive transfer platform. Working with occupational therapists to develop the concept - the A2 enables self transfer with a unique (patented) ‘Split Sling’ system that hugs and safely captures the person.  Control is via a simple fully interactive ‘human’ interface that converses with the user at key stages of the transfer - ensuring a sense of control, confidence, safety and comfort. The A2 also benefits carer assisted transfers, helping to reduce work load on the carer.