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Design is a core strategic element to any business. The Design Council has showed that an index of design aware companies outperformed the FTSE All share by 200% in both bull and bear markets over a 10 year period.

There is a perception that good design takes longer and is more expensive than ‘bad’ design. The real cost of bad design is unhappy customers, warranty returns and above all - irreversible damage to your brand. Your values are reflected by the effectiveness, aesthetics, quality and feel of your design - these are instrumental in the commercial success of the product.

With extensive experience in industry - the consultancy is well placed to become a valued partner to your organisation - supporting you with any of the individual elements of design or a completely integrated and fully project managed ‘turn-key’ solution.

Design index chart
Design Council (2005) Design Index. The impact of design on stock market performance.
Available from (www.design-council.org.uk)